[Freeswitch-users] record session in fifo

Tamas Cseke cstomi.levlist at gmail.com
Fri Jan 23 08:45:19 PST 2009


we would like to distribute calls with fifo and record these sessions
but we'd like to skip the recording while the caller is waiting.
(we don't need to record the hold music, just the speech with the fifo 

I tried
<action application="set" data="RECORD_ANSWER_REQ=true"/>
<action application="record_session" data="${callfilename}"/>
<action application="fifo" data="myfifo in"/>

but it doesn't work because the channel is answered immediately when the 
caller is pushed into the fifo.
(I don't know if there exists any other channel flag that could be use here)

I also tried fifo_record_template.
but it records the session from the point of view of the consumer's 
session, and after the bridge the recording is stopped.
we would like to record the whole session into a single file even after 

moreover we'd like to use some kind of predcitive dialing
1, originate a loopback channel via event socket
2, loopback-b channel is hunting the dialplan, wich decide routing, 
caller_id, the need for recordings and so forth, and bridge a sofia call
3. the record_session is running on the sofia channel with 
bridge_pre_execute magic vars
4 loopback-a channel is pushed into the fifo
5 a script get the fifo::info via event socket
6 originate a call to the consumer with the proper strategy with &fifo 
out application
7 sofia channel is bridged to the consumer
8 loopback channels die

after transfers everything is recorded into one file.
but the problem here is again the unwanted recording in the fifo while 
the caller is waiting

Could you please advise me any solution, if there is?

Thank you,

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