[Freeswitch-users] Outbound call - choose profile

Brian West brian at freeswitch.org
Sat Jan 17 07:50:43 PST 2009

The external profile is setup to parse the gateways... internal is  
setup to parse the domains and apply an alias to the internal profile  
for all domains in the directory.

On internal you have:

     <!-- indicator to parse the directory for domains with  
parse="true" to get gateways-->
     <!--<domain name="$${domain}" parse="true"/>-->
     <!-- indicator to parse the directory for domains with  
parse="true" to get gateways and alias every domain to this profile -->
     <!--<domain name="all" alias="true" parse="true"/>-->
     <domain name="all" alias="true" parse="false"/>

Then on external you have:

     <domain name="all" alias="false" parse="true"/>

Notice this tells internal to add an alias for every domain to  
internal, while external is told to parse for gateways.

On Jan 17, 2009, at 9:29 AM, Apostolos Pantsiopoulos wrote:

> Yes, I am aware of that fact : insteaad of the pre-configured
> internal/external profiles I coulf have myprofile1/myprofile2.
> But since I am using the pre-configured profiles (without changing  
> the ports)
> and since the internal profile initiated the parsing I would expect
> that all the gateways defined in my directory user's xml files would
> belong to the internal profile (which is preconfigured to use port  
> 5060).
> But when I am capturing the packets sent to that gateway I can see  
> that
> the port used from FS is 5080 (which is the preconfigured port of  
> the internal profile).

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