[Freeswitch-users] [ANN] Spice SoftPhone, a softphone GUI for FreeSWITCH

Andrew Thompson andrew at hijacked.us
Fri Jan 16 15:35:13 PST 2009

I'd like to announce the first beta release of a cross-platform ruby/tk
GUI for using FreeSWITCH like a soft-phone (using mod_portaudio). It's
not particularly fancy, but I needed a cross platform softphone with
good voice quality that was debuggable and didn't have a ton of
features to confuse the users. I couldn't find one so we built one.

I've got some sparse documentation up at:


And you can download it from http://opencsm.org/download . It's under
the MPL and I've been cleared to re-licence my other FreeSWITCH related
projects under the MPL too. I've tested it on Windows, FreeBSD, Solaris
and OSX (it used to work on linux, I assume it still does).

Comments/complaints/bugreports welcome. It's definitely still got some
rough spots (I don't think it'll run without a controlling terminal, for
example), but we're going to be polishing it up and hopefully putting it
in production here in the next few weeks to replace a very buggy
closed-source phone we've had to endure far too long.

Please download it if you're interested, the download count helps us
continue working on this kind of stuff :)

Andrew - opencsm.org

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