[Freeswitch-users] Internal vs. External Call, How to detect answered call?

Klaus Teller klaus.teller at gmx.net
Wed Jan 14 12:49:02 PST 2009


I'm unable to detect whether a call was answered or not. Using a custom Java API to connect to Freeswitch Socket Interface, i observed that:

1) session.originate("sofia/internal/1003%") does block until the callee picks up while

2) session.originate("sofia/gateway/sip.gafachi.com/14156782222") does not block and returns +OK (and the channel identifier) even when the callee doesn't  pick up. 

I was thinking that the channel Id is returned only when the callee picks up. Since this is apparently not the case, what is the definitive way to know if the remote user picked up?

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