[Freeswitch-users] OpenZAP parse error [-3012] [Q931E_INVALID_CRV]

Peter P GMX Prometheus001 at gmx.net
Wed Jan 14 09:44:51 PST 2009

After a time I receive the following error when a call comes in on our
OpenZap span 2:
parse error [-3012] [Q931E_INVALID_CRV]

Here's the log
2009-01-14 13:14:11 [DEBUG] ozmod_isdn.c:320 zap_isdn_931_34() Yay I got
an event! Type:[4d] Size:[103] CRV: 23 (0x17, CTX: Originator)
2009-01-14 13:14:11 [DEBUG] ozmod_isdn.c:352 zap_isdn_931_34() zchan 0
(-1:-1) source isdn_data->channels_remote_crv[0x17]
2009-01-14 13:14:11 [CRIT] ozmod_isdn.c:446 zap_isdn_931_34() Received
Release with no matching channel 0
2009-01-14 13:14:11 [DEBUG] ozmod_isdn.c:781 zap_isdn_921_23() 931 parse
error [-3012] [Q931E_INVALID_CRV]
2009-01-14 13:14:15 [DEBUG] ozmod_isdn.c:777 zap_isdn_921_23() READ 5

When freeswitch is restarted or mod_openzap is reloaded, the error is
gone away.

Any idea what this can be?

Best regards

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