[Freeswitch-users] polycom shared line

Matthew Kaufman matthew at matthew.at
Fri Jan 9 19:40:35 PST 2009

Brian West wrote:
> We do not do line-seize.  Why impose artificial limitations?  You can  
> accomplish pickup and such using nothing but dialplan thats how we do  
> it with Snom.
Ok, so how do I configure two phones to each have a single extension 
button that represents the same extension (labeled as such), and which 
shows status (on that same line button) of the other extension?

The BLF examples appear to require that I monitor the busy status of the 
other extension on something other than the extension line button 
(something configured as a speed-dial), as far as I can tell.

It also seems that to get this to work, each phone needs to be at its 
own extension but have the label overridden to show the effective 
extension number that I want them to think they're at, rather than 
multiple registration of the same extension, correct? (This appears to 
be true even if true "shared line" support existed, if I'm reading 
documentation right)

Matthew Kaufman

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