[Freeswitch-users] Fax Tone Detect

Baskar yudha2008 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 9 04:34:02 PST 2009


I want to get the events for the tone detect but i cant able to get any

Procedures i follow to done detect:*

Step 1:I have added the line in default.xml

   <extension name="Local_Extension">
       <condition field="destination_number"
       <action application="set" data="dialed_ext=$1"/>  *
       <action application="tone_detect" data="fax 1100 r +5000 transfer fax
XML default" /> ===>I have add this line *
       <action application="answer"/>
       <action application="info"/>
       <action application="export" data="Answer-State"/>
       <action application="log" data="INFO Answer-State
       <action application="record_session"
       <action application="export" data="dialed_ext=$1"/>
I have added the line to detect fax.*

<context name="default">    <extension name="fax">
      <condition field="destination_number" expression="^fax$">
<action application="answer"/>
	<action application="sleep" data="1000"/>        <action
       <action application="set" data="fax_mode=recv"/>
        <action application="socket" data=" async"/>
   <action application="hangup"/>
      </condition>    </extension>

Step 2:Then reloaded freeswitch console using reloadxml command
API CALL [reloadxml()] output:
+OK [Success]

2009-01-09 17:49:51 [INFO] mod_enum.c:806 event_handler() ENUM Reloaded
2009-01-09 17:49:51 [INFO] switch_time.c:656 switch_load_timezones()
Timezone reloaded 530 definitions

Step3:Through x-lite i have dial the fax no *(43951333)*

Step4:I have passed events through event socket
event plain DETECTED_TONE*

Content-Type: command/reply
Reply-Text: +OK event listener enabled plain    ====>But i did not get any
events in the event socket when i dial the fax no

Step 5:I have pasted the freeswitch log in the link *

*I need to get the fax tone detect but i cant able to detect the fax tone.
If any thing is wrong correct me and help to solve the problem.*

Warm Regards,
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