[Freeswitch-users] fs doesn't realize caller hanged up when a call from PSTN is on hold

tester tato testeador01 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 7 12:39:04 PST 2009

Hello everyone,

Thanks in advance if anyone wants to help me in a couple of questions; I set
up my fs plant and included a grandstream fxo gateway gxw4104, the gateway
redirects all incomming calls from the PSTN to the extension 1005 (with its
default sample configuration).
This is what happens:

   1. I get a call from the PSTN, pick it up and i decide to put it on hold
while i do something else, the caller hears the moh.
   2. If the caller gets tired or bored of waiting and hangs up, my FS plant
doesnt realize that the caller hung up, so the channel stays busy, so does
the gateway line and my phone still acts as if i had a call on hold.
   3. When i pick up the phonecall that was on hold all i hear (obviously)
is the busy tone from the PSTN.

My questions are:
Is this behavior only from this particular gateway? or does it happen with
other FXO devices.
Is there a way to specify that i want the call to hang up itself when the
caller hangs up so the channel gets released?

I know that the call actually gets hanged up and realeases the channel if
the caller was another SIP extension on my plant, it just doesn't work with
calls from the pstn under my configuration.

I highly appreciate any light you can throw to me on this matter.
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