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Saeed Ahmed saeedahmad1981 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 7 01:48:10 PST 2009

Dear All,

I am also planning the same setup.

Do we have a call center graphical solution which works with FS? Same as
VICIDIAL which work with asterisk.


Kind Regards
Saeed Ahmed Tariq


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Welcome to FreeSWITCH!

On Tue, Jan 6, 2009 at 6:44 AM, Aadil M <akm.freeswitchuser at gmail.com>

Hi All,


I am a new comer to FreeSwitch. The thing is I am planning to setup a call
center along with a few of my friends. Hence I was looking around for some
IP PBX and so stumbled upon FreeSwitch.

This call center would be a 10 to 20 person setup. 

Here are a few of the questions that I have?


1. Can I have just on PSTN line and configure multiple extensions on FS by
using relevent hardware?If not then how many PSTN lines would I require?


If you are using a VoIP provider then you won't need PSTN lines. However, if
you do need PSTN then it is a matter of analog or digital. You need to know
what your call traffic volume is like before you can decide how many and
what types of cards. Do you know what kind of call traffic you will have?

2. I did Google for the hardware, it seems I would require some FXO/FXS
cards. Am I right? Where can I get them?


Sangoma, Rhino Technologies, pbxhardware.com, etc. - Anything that is
"Asterisk" compatible will work with FreeSWITCH. Note: The FreeSWITCH PRI
stack is still in development; it works but has a few bugs.

I am sorry if you find these question too novice or lame. Kindly forgive me.

Looking for a positive reply from the community.


You may also want to join us on IRC: www.freenode.net, #freeswitch channel.

-MC (mercutioviz)



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