[Freeswitch-users] firewall and nat

kriko kristjan.ugrin at gmail.com
Wed Jan 7 01:33:06 PST 2009

Yesterday I've successfully placed a call between two different domains:
originate sofia/default/1003 at &bridge(sofia/gateway/
I didn't hear any audio, but it was kinda working. Today I investigated this more deep and found some issues.
FS with is a public computer with firewall, but open TCP and UDP 5060, 5080 ports. Freeswitch on this machine
uses default configuration.
FS with is a lan computer in a different place, this is where I would like to start a call, the other way would
be probably too much difficult for now. I've added a gateway entry to this one:
Calling from (for e.g. using softphone at ext. 1003) to (ext. 1001 for e.g.) works. Both end
answers, however I cannot hear audio coming trough. When testing I'm at the computer which is behind a lan, so I'm
capturing music as audio source on the other side.
Are there any other ports I should open on public computer?
With wireshark on the computer behind a lan, I can see RTP going away to, but not the other way.
There are also issues when e.g. terminating a call on public computer, fs on the other end will never terminate the call since
SIP messages cannot reach the computer behind lan I guess, but this is second problem.


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