[Freeswitch-users] Changing internal profile

Brian West brian at freeswitch.org
Sat Jan 3 10:21:39 PST 2009

The detected domain is which caused this problem.

You have two options here.

Since we detected and set your default domain to on  
start up... you're registering to the ip aka the internal  

The inbound register packet has:

From: <sip:1000 at>

We take the part before the @ aka the username, then we take the part  
after the @ aka the domain name.

FreeSWITCH will then look thru your directory looking for domain which  
in this case is
which it can't find because we detected your public IP and set it up  
So the error message is telling you that you do not have a domain  
called with a user 1000 in it.

So what you have to do here is understand that SIP like email works on  
the concept of domains.  user at host.

A few things you need to know are this:

(SOMEONE WIKIFY THIS PLEASE and expand on it.  Find me on IRC if you  
have questions)
sofia profile params:

<param name="challenge-realm" value="auto_from"/> (default  
configuration uses auto_from)

Choose the realm challenge key. Default is auto_to if not set.

auto_from  - uses the from field as the value for the sip realm.
auto_to    - uses the to field as the value for the sip realm.
<anyvalue> - you can input any value to use for the sip realm.


<param name="force-register-domain" value="$${domain}"/>

This will force the profile to ignore the domain in the to or from  
packet and force
it to the value listed here for this param.

This will store the info into the database with the user@<from domain  
in sip packet>


<param name="force-register-db-domain" value="$${domain}"/>

This will work in conjunction with force-register-domain so that the  
forced domain
is stored in the database also.



So what I recommend for you is to open up internal.xml and uncomment  
the force-register-domain
and force-register-db-domain params on the internal profile.  Also  
make sure internal.xml has
sip-ip and rtp-ip set to and make sure your phones  
register to


On Jan 3, 2009, at 11:46 AM, kriko wrote:

> I changed exactly what I wrote in previous mails.
> Everything else is default.
> Is there anything else to change?

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