[Freeswitch-users] Enabling SIP traces from the command line interface

Jason White jason at jasonjgw.net
Fri Jan 2 18:45:07 PST 2009

The sofia loglevel command is very useful. However, even with sofia loglevel
9, I still don't get a SIP trace.

I know all about shutting down FreeSWITCH and setting the environment
variables to obtain a SIP trace and voluminous debugging output:

# source this file in the current shell, then
# run FreeSWITCH. At the FreeSWITCH prompt,
# press F8, then make the call that requires debugging, and
# capture the output.
# type shutdown to end the FreeSWITCH session
export SOFIA_DEBUG=9
export NUA_DEBUG=9
export NTA_DEBUG=9
export TPORT_DEBUG=9
export TPORT_LOG=1

this is fine for me, but for people in production for whom uptime is
significant, I'm wondering whether there are plans to allow tracing to be
dynamically enabled/disabled from the CLI, or whether this is possible now
with options that I haven't yet discovered.

Please don't interpret this as a complaint or as one of those nagging feature
request posts!
As mentioned, it doesn't affect my usage scenario - testing and
experimentation at home on my desktop Linux box.

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