[Freeswitch-users] FreeSWITCH under the Linux 2.6.29 kernel

Paweł Pierścionek pawel at voiceworks.pl
Thu Apr 30 11:28:23 PDT 2009


  With really old kernels (100Hz) if You do sleep(1ms)  You sleep for  
10ms on average.
  With enterprise kernels (250Hz) Your sleep resolution increases by a  
factor of 4.
  With fresh kernels (1000Hz) You get real 1ms timer resolution -  
10fold increase compared to old kernels.

  With tickless You get whatever resolution You want - eg when You  
sleep for 100 microseconds(micro not mili) then You get exactly what  
You wish for.

  Now for reasons I do no try to understand :) there are a lot of  
really short sleeps and fast timers in FreeSwitch - like 100  
micro(1/10th of a ms).
  So with CentOS such a 100 microsecond sleep cannot "fire" faster  
then 250 times a second.
  With tickless kernel same 100 microsecond sleep "fires" 10k times a  


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