[Freeswitch-users] Low rtp-timeout-sec hangs up call in ringing state - expected behaviour?

Mikael Aleksander Bjerkeland mikael at bjerkeland.com
Tue Apr 28 04:20:26 PDT 2009


I have been testing inbound calls to a Nokia phone with handover to a
cellphone number if I get MEDIA_TIMEOUT on the B leg of the call, and
had to set rtp-timeout to a very low 6 seconds in order to get "fast"
handover. This introduces an interesting side-effect that hangs up calls
even in the ringing state after 6 seconds. Is this the desired behaviour
of rtp-timeout-sec? My initial guess was that rtp-timeout-sec should
only be valid for established calls where the two endpoints have
exchanged rtp at some point but have stopped exchanging media. As far as
I know a phone call in ringing state has not shared any RTP with the
other endpoint until it gets early media or is answered. Should
rtp-timeout-sec really be valid even when ringing?

It seems to me that setting rtp-timeout-sec to 60 seconds would add an
absolute time limit on ringing phone calls to 60 seconds, which I
believe is not the actual purpose of this limit. Could anyone please
share their thoughts on this matter?


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