[Freeswitch-users] any way ring fifo members one by one?

seven dujinfang at gmail.com
Mon Apr 27 21:35:57 PDT 2009


I'm on trunk 13174, and route a call to fifo, but two members ring at  
the same time. I want it ring one by one in a round robin manner,  
what's wrong with me?

here is fifo.xml

     <fifo name="sales_fifo@$${domain}" importance="0">
       <member timeout="60" simo="1"  
       <member timeout="60" simo="1"  

We want to implement a call center where agents register to waiting  
customers, when a customer calls in, it will drop in a queue and  
search one available agent(in round robin manner). Most fifo functions  
seems implemented for scenarios where agents dial in and waiting  
callers, which is unnecessary on our condition.


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