[Freeswitch-users] FXO cards for freeswitch on windows

xbipin bipin at xbipin.com
Thu Apr 23 06:12:08 PDT 2009

voxilla, linksys etc all forums i have already tried, firstly very few ppl r
using it here and those who r, non of them have figured out how to get
caller id running, as a matter of fact i was one of them to discover a good
disconnect tone to work for the spa3102 and also have posted on voxilla. the
issue is the caller id is sent after first ring and FSK type  but the caller
id method listed in it doesnt work any of it in UAE, what i know is its
supposed to be ETSI FSK but setting that also doesnt work, some1 in voxilla
posted it works for it setting it at bellcore only but once in 5 times only
it works fine for him. the other issue is the telephone company wont release
any technical details also, mayb some in the telecom industry might be able
to help only. SPA400 works for sure but i told linksys about it also but
they wont produce a similar firmware update for spa3102 at all.

the sangoma card, does it work for sure and secondly can any1 ship it to

Fred-145 wrote:
> xbipin wrote:
>> i was just thinking of throwing away my spa3102 and setting my windows
>> machine with FS on it to conenct to the telephone line for incomming
>> calls, something like a calling card gateway using a FXO card. the reason
>> being from the time i bought the spa3102, i haven't been able to get the
>> caller id on it to work with the specs of my country
> Before dumping the 3102, you could ask in the Voxilla forum, and see if
> someone knows how to get it to receive CID in the UAE.
> If it still doesn't work, as far as I know, Sangoma is the only solution
> for Windows, using the OpenZAP interface (wanpipe):
> www.sangoma.com/products_and_solutions/hardware/analog_telephony/B600_Analog_Voice_Card.html
> I think the USB device doesn't work with Windows yet:
> www.sangoma.com/products_and_solutions/hardware/analog_telephony/usb_fxo.html
> Otherwise, with single-FXO PCI cards from OpenVox selling for $80, it's
> too bad there's still no way to use those in Windows :-/

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