[Freeswitch-users] Configure FS using Flowroute.com

Chris Fowler chris at fowler.cc
Mon Apr 20 19:09:00 PDT 2009

Are you either restarting FS or issuing the reloadxml command (press F6 on the console) after making these changes?

Did you modify vars.xml per my last note?

Also, check out http://wiki.freeswitch.org/wiki/Getting_Started_Guide - it's worth investing the time to understand how FS parses the various config files.  Look in /usr/local/freeswitch/log at freeswitch.xml.fsxml - this file contains the entire free switch configuration since last as parsed by the application.

Seems you're not hitting the issue I was with FlowRoute - but as the error indicates you're trying to route a call out from a gateway that does not exist.

What's the output of "sofia status" (F5 on the console)?  It should show:
   sip.flowroute.com       gateway     sip:nnnnnnn at sip.flowroute.com      REGED


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I modified the 01_example.com.xml with the code below and I am still getting
"Invalid Gateway".  I tried creating a file 01_flowroute.com.xml and placed
the code below and had the same unfortunate result.  On flowroute site I
have placed my IP in the outbound allowed IPs and also inbound routes.  Is
there something else that I should do to try to get things to work?

Sorry, for asking for so much help.


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