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 Start of with the big picture. What is FreeSWITCH?

Tony talked about it in an interview so you have his thoughts.
I see it as an audio/speech real-time communications platform for many OS's that connects multiple users independent of their audio format with a current focus on telephony. Maybe it could be extended to other areas of audio as well. 
It scales from an abacus or iphone all the way to a supercomputer. Like my cleaning lady, it does Windows.
Anyway, start of with an "elevator speech" then go from there. 



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Hi guys,

I'm going to give a presentation of FreeSWITCH for our next Flisol ( http://www.flisol.net/ ) the next Saturday 25.

I currently have some cool ideas of what to say and what to show to them, but I'm looking for more, in case that you have it.

My audience will be mostly people interested in the technology and as well as business.

Let me know if you have some nice ideas for my presentation, I already got some by myself, but more are always welcome :).




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