[Freeswitch-users] Two gateways, second one dropping calls. How to change port ?

David Robinson pawzlion at gmail.com
Sat Apr 18 01:26:14 PDT 2009

I have two gateways setup like this:


I have two dialplans setup as follows:


Everything works fine for the first provider, but the second provider  
drops calls after about 30 seconds. I've been told it's a NAT issue,  
but would only one provider be dropping calls ? If re-registration is  
interrupting calls I would have thought it would do it on both  
providers. It was suggested that I configure one gateway to use a  
different port and I've tried setting the port like this:

<param name="realm" value="sip.pennytel.com:50601"/>

But I can't get it to register. I've tried connecting my softphone (X- 
Lite) directly to either provider by specifying the hostname as  
sip.providername.com:5061 and it can't register either. Is this the  
correct way to specify a SIP port to use or is it just that my  
provider doesn't listen on any other ports than 5060 ? When I specify  
sip.pennytel.com:5060 it still registers fine.

Is this the best way to solve my problem ? By using an alternate SIP  
port ? Or is there likely to be any other reason why calls are  
dropping out ?

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