[Freeswitch-users] xml_curl dynamically register users problem

JuanMa juanma.v82 at gmail.com
Fri Apr 17 10:07:04 PDT 2009


I am using xml_curl, and what I'm trying to do is dynamically register  
the users to the platform, instead of bulking all the users on the FS  
boot time. So far I have successfully register the users and also make  
calls through gateways or to static users (those users that are in the  
physical files), however every time that I want to reach a User who  
has been registered and configured through this method, It seams that  
the FS could not find it (404). For what I have read in the mailings  
list (http://lists.freeswitch.org/pipermail/freeswitch-users/2009-January/009863.html 
) I've seen that theoretically the users MUST be defined on boot time  
in order to be found, is this correct?

For instance if I do have 10.000 users I will be forcing the FS to  
have all of them in its database when perhaps I only have 1000 online  
in that specific moment/switch. Perhaps this is something meaningless  
for the server(in terms of cost or performance), but my first  
impression is that is far from optimal.

So far it seams to be a really cool approach to make the systems  
scale, how ever It's been very difficult to me to find accurate  
information and in general I've ended looking at the code, and make my  
own contribution to the docs.

If anyone can give any tip or direction I would really appreciate.

Thanks in advance.
Juan Manuel

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