[Freeswitch-users] Replace sqlite with couchDB?

Even André Fiskvik grevenx at me.com
Mon Apr 13 08:13:39 PDT 2009

The only part I see fit for integration with CouchDB is for storing  
CDR documents.
This kind of database is imho best-used for storing large sets of data,
in a document structure.

I don't think the FS config fits this description, since the amount of  
config documents are typically not "large".
You can also look at related distributed systems like Hadoop/Hbase,  
which could be good to store CDRs in.
It's been a couple of months since I researched these systems, but I  
think it's possible to
enable an HTTP REST interface for both, so you could use the built-in  
feature for posting CDRs
to a HTTP server.

Best regards,
Even André

On 13. april. 2009, at 07.52, Jason White wrote:

> Nicolas Brenner <nicolas at medularis.com> wrote:
>> Hi, I am not very familiar with FS internals, but I recently found  
>> this
>> "new" db engine called couchDB. Looks pretty interesting, and its  
>> main focus
>> is scalability.
>> Has anybody played with couchDB? does it make sense to replace  
>> sqlite with
>> couchDB in FS?
> I think a lot of people would object to replacing a small database  
> such as
> SQLite, which is easily integrated into the FreeSWITCh source code,  
> with an
> Erlang application. Somehow, I don't see FreeSWITCH users accepting  
> all of the
> dependencies that would bring, unless they're already using the  
> Erlang module
> for other reasons. However, if it would be of benefit to Erlang  
> users, I'm
> sure the FreeSWITCH developers would gladly accept a module.
> There are lots of databases out there, for example, http://monetdb.cwi.nl/ 
>  to
> mention just one that a Web search located for me.
> Which ones get supported depends on whether anyone is sufficiently  
> interested
> to write modules for them.
> PostGRESQL and MySQL are already on the list, notably.
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