[Freeswitch-users] Buzzing when people speak in conference

Stromin Normin stormin.normin at hotmail.co.uk
Fri Apr 3 07:02:45 PDT 2009

Thanks for all your help, I finally resolved the issue by setting comfort-noise to false in the conference.conf.xml.  

From: stormin.normin at hotmail.co.uk
To: freeswitch-users at lists.freeswitch.org
Date: Wed, 1 Apr 2009 22:09:03 +0100
Subject: [Freeswitch-users] Buzzing when people speak in conference


I've been asked to do some testing on Freeswitch by work, we currently use Asterisk.  I'm quite new to telephony so please go easy.

I have FS setup on a windows box and at the moment I'm testing internal calls only, when I transfer calls or call extensions everything sounds great.  The problem occurrs when I setup conferencing, people can log in ok and we can talk, the trouble is as people start to talk a buzzing sound is heard in the background, once the talking stops the buzzing stops.  If the person goes on mute there is no buzzing.  

Hopefully this is enough info cheers for any help.

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