[Freeswitch-users] Call For Help: Janitor Projects

Tim Ringenbach timr at asteriasgi.com
Wed Apr 1 11:46:39 PDT 2009

Anthony Minessale wrote:
> Did you follow the link I posted?
> http://www.google.com/search?q=janitor+project
> The linux kernel calls it the same thing and so do all the other
> project that come up in that search.
> Would you prefer "Custodial Engineering projects"
It definitely is the commonly used term for that sort of thing.  But I
would tend to agree that I wouldn't expect people to get excited about
volunteering to be a janitor. Any idea how successful those projects are
at attracting volunteers?

Sadly, I don't have a better suggestion. But no matter how much Michael
says he loves janitors, to me a janitor is someone who has to clean up
other people's crap (figuratively and sometimes literally). And I can
see how that could fail to attract as many volunteers as the "Freeswitch
Happy, Rich, and Well Endowed people" project might.
> I tried to be nice but you continue to perpetuate this thread.
> Another term you may not be familiar with is when someone who is
> outnumbered starts trying to
> get the last word on a mailing list or forum, they're called "trolls"
I always thought trolls had to be trying to really be considered a
troll. Like if I were to post to this list trying to convince you all to
give up on freeswitch and join the asterisk project, while knowing full
well the history, and just trying to get a rise out of you.


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