[Freeswitch-users] Call For Help: Janitor Projects

Michael Collins msc at freeswitch.org
Wed Apr 1 11:18:26 PDT 2009

2009/4/1 <mszlazak at aol.com>

>  Pardon me, but you speak only for yourself. I think Janitor is not an
> appropriate word.

I *like* janitors. I *respect* janitors. They are *honorable* and *
hard-working*.  In short, we need janitors - people who are willing to roll
up their sleeves and get work done. Let's agree to disagree on this word. If
you don't like the word janitor then I will respect your viewpoint. Use the
word "custodian" instead. However, the developers and all the core
"power-users" have no qualms with the use of the word janitor. They will be
called janitor projects; this point is not up for discussion. Let's all move

As to your other points: yes, the core developers are involved in the
documentation. They don't micromanage, but they give direction. When
something is wrong they point it out. When there is a need, they make it
known. When they get asked a lot of questions on a specific topic they tell
me there's a need for documentation on the subject. Also, we have a number
of users who are watching the mailing list and IRC channel who take it upon
themselves to document the various nuggets of wisdom that get passed around
in the threads. And I do my best to do same-day documentation when Anthony
adds a new channel variable or new functionality to a module.

As for documentation being
outdated/scattered/incomplete/<insert-your-complain-here>: Many of these
observations are valid. There are serious needs - a lot of stuff needs
cleaning up. (Which, ironically, is what *janitors* do very well.) However,
let me make this point very clear: general statements like "the docs are out
of date" are all but worthless. What we need are specific statements, like
"I tried to follow the wiki instructions on pocketsphinx but I think they
might be outdated or incorrect. May I discuss it with someone in the know?"
All such specific comments are welcome. They can be sent to me personally,
to this list, or on IRC. FYI, we do have a channel specifically for
documentation discussion: #freeswitch-docs. Please join that channel to
discuss this subject in real-time.

All that being said, here's the bottom line: If you're willing to help then
please do so. If you aren't sure where to start then contact me off list and
we'll discuss it. If you have have positive feedback then please publish it
publicly. If you have negative feedback, criticism, complaints, etc. then
please send it to me in private.

I've got my coveralls, my mop, and my bucket. Who's with me? :)
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