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 Call it what it is like "The Documentation Project" or something similar.

Sure, if there was no code there is no FS but I didn't say the code is not important.  I was taking a sales/marketing versus engineering analogy to this and only said that many would find it less important than good documentation if you are looking to get people to use FS and/or evolve the code. So as long as the creators of FS are willing to work to some extent on the documentation with a documentor, when one is needed, then this should work out. The creators have a very good understanding of FS which the documentor may not. On the other hand, the documentor doesn't have the creators background baggage which makes things seem obvious to the creator but isn't to users or even other developers. The creators and documentors working together will hopefully make the FS documentation accurate, not to presumptuous and easy to use.



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What do you recommend calling it then? ?I wouldn't be offended by it ... and I can't think of any reason it would offend someone because it describes the task at hand. ?As far as documentation vs code... without the code there would be ZERO need for any documentation. ?The code is the hardest part to make sure it functions bug free. ?Developers are great at writing code but not the best at writing documentation, me included. ?It's the perfect place for anyone that wants to help out! ?I welcome anyone and everyone to the project in hopes that community members will help out! ?

We have various IRC channels... #freeswitch, #freeswitch-dev, #freeswitch-docs and #freeswitch-social so join irc.freenode.net and get involved because you never know how it might change your life for the better! ;)


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First off. I would not call it a "janitors project" since that may offend some. A second problem is your notion that documentation is "not-quite-as-important" a task as writing code. I'm think many would say you have that backwards. There is nothing more effective in evolving FreeSwitch than good documentation which helps further development and is an important part of "customer service." Good customer service is then a part of "sales and marketing." Much more often than not, It's sales and marketing that is more important to making something a "real product"? than engineering. "Build it and they will come" almost never works.

Anyway, I think you need a new name for this project.


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