[Freeswitch-users] Clustering FreeSWITCH

Ken Rice krice at suspicious.org
Wed Oct 29 19:50:28 PDT 2008

I had this same prblem, so the solution was to re-route the traffic with the
info in the sip_registration database via the server the nat¹d client had
registered to... This solves the NAT issue... Of couse if we didn¹t have to
deal with NAT things would be much easier heh

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Date: Wed, 29 Oct 2008 19:10:32 -0700
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Subject: Re: [Freeswitch-users] Clustering FreeSWITCH

I actually spent a big chunk of today doing various tests.  Freeswitch is
doing all the right things in this scenario.  The problem actually turns out
to be my router/firewall that I'm testing behind.  When the phones register,
it only opens up the port back from the IP address of the server it
registers to, so when the secondary server tries to send the invite, the
router blocks it.  In case anyone is curious, the router/firewall is a Linux
box running Arno's Firewall.  I'll be doing more tests with different
routers to see which ones work and which ones don't.  I'll post my results
on the wiki page that I'll be creating that covers the setup I've got.

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