[Freeswitch-users] mod_cdr revival (or new module maybe)

Shawn Lewis shawnl at waterwheelnets.com
Wed Oct 29 14:15:03 PDT 2008

In regards to auto log rotation - YES YES

ANTHM just completed that item for me, where by you can set the time in 
minutes i believe it was.

I have not tested it yet, hope to this week.


Michael Collins wrote:
>> Yes, I agree. But one could use the two methods combined (csv or xml +
>> db) for redundancy.
>> Is there any consideration regarding automatic log rotation (e.g.
>> hourly, or user specified)
>> without the need of a HUP? Now, that could make things a lot easier
> for
>> the development of
>> an external csv to db aggregation script because the script would read
>> from a closed (not used by freeswitch
>> at the time) CDRs file. And the developer could be sure that the cdrs
>> contained in that file would
>> have a hangup timestamp that could be described by the filename (e.g.
>> 20080101_010000.csv).
> For the record, I've been dumping all my XML CDRs into a particular
> directory and letting a script pick them up and process them. I think
> this is the best of both worlds: you get individual files with tons of
> info on each call and you can have a process that picks up those files
> and inserts them into the db. If the db is down then the CDRs aren't
> lost - they just accumulate in the directory until you get the db/script
> thing working again.
> Just my $.02
> -MC
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