[Freeswitch-users] Socket inbound or outbound with PHP?

Dennis odermann at googlemail.com
Wed Oct 22 10:08:13 PDT 2008

> imagine how many hours were spent trying to code it from scratch =D

I don't think I want to know that. Do you ever sleep??? ;-)

> you did not waste any hours, you have convinced yourself you are doing it
> wrong when really you are just choosing the wrong commands.

Hehe, that gives me hope and I will be up very early tomorrow
(european time) to go through everything to try to avoid mistakes and
missunderstandings (as far this is possible as a fs-noob and an

> again JOIN IRC so more people can help you.

I am a webdeveloper for 12 years now and I never used IRC. Strange,
that I never used it, but I will be happy to take a ride. Might be
fun, a new experiance and informative.


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