[Freeswitch-users] Detecting End of Content on Socket Interface

Klaus Teller klaus.teller at gmx.net
Wed Oct 22 06:42:54 PDT 2008


I have a pretty silly question here, so please bear with me.  When reading events through a socket (socket event interface), it is said that i should either wait for 2CR or if the content length was specified, i must continue reading until i got the exact number of bytes from the input stream.

Now, what happens when reading simple responses such as:

Request response: Content-Type: command/reply
Reply-Text: +OK

Is there a way to detect the end of such blocks?

The issue i have is following. Given that events are asynchronous (please correct me if i'm wrong), i need a thread which continuously read and process them as they arrive. But then, considering that not only events are sent by Freeswitch,  i want to also detect different response commands properly.

Let me give an example. I send a command to Freeswitch to play a file. Right after that, i wait for the answer from Freeswitch. But just before the response, Freeswitch could send a DTMF event.  If i use a dedicated reading thread, how does it identify the response that resulted from the play file command?  Otherwise, if i try to synchronously wait for the result just after sending the play file command, how do i say that what i will get from Freeswitch is not just the part of an event?

Does this make any sense to you?


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