[Freeswitch-users] Best way to replicate include =>?

Kristian Kielhofner kkielhofner at star2star.com
Mon Oct 20 15:04:30 PDT 2008

On 10/20/08, Anthony Minessale <anthony.minessale at gmail.com> wrote:
> One important thing to remember is that in FreeSWITCH the dialplan is a
> separate stage of a call.
> FS parses your dialplan in one pass and builds a "todo" list and then it
> hits execute state and really does the stuff.
> We do have an application called execute_extension that lets you run a
> dialplan module from the execute state just for the purpose of executing the
> instruction set from a certian extension so you could use that for what you
> want like so:
> <!--- put this extension last -->
>  <extension name="include" continue="true">
>    <!-- conditions with no expression are instantly true -->
>    <condition>
>       <action application="execute_extension"
> data="${dialed_ext} XML include"/>
>        <action application="execute_extension"
> data="${dialed_ext} XML include2"/>
>    <condition/>
>  </extension>
> This would actually cause you to run through both contexts in this order
> during EXECUTE state.
> were the transfer app actually stops the EXECUTE by sending the channel back
> to RINGING and
> re-entering the dialplan stage.
> Your best bet is to try to shift the paragidm in your head away from how
> asterisk does it =D

I know...  ATM the moment I'm trying to bring FS into the organization
in stages,  "parallel" to Asterisk as much as possible.  Once I get
through this initial phase I can begin to think about how to do things
the "FreeSWITCH way" (and do all of the cool stuff I think I'll be
able to do).  First things first, though - replicate existing
functionality and make as painless as possible!

Kristian Kielhofner

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