[Freeswitch-users] regarding conference (basic questions)

Gayatri Kulkarni xtpl.gayatri at gmail.com
Mon Oct 20 06:21:52 PDT 2008

Hi guys,
I read through mod_conference page on wiki
but i am still not clear about how do i initiate a conference after i do the

conference <conf-name> dial user1 ?
and then how do i add the other users?

can i add two+ users simultaneously? as in say, conference <conf-name> dial
user1 user2 ... ??
I tried that but it failed

Is there a 'min-num-of-users' requirement, as in, a conference can happen
between at least 2/3 users, etc ?

how do i exit from a conference using command line? for that matter how can
i use any of the conference features using FS console?

can i use those features for a UUID?

Thanks for your help
Gayatri Kulkarni
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