[Freeswitch-users] Error database is locked

Jon Bruel jbr at consiglia.dk
Sun Oct 19 12:24:35 PDT 2008

I have made an application using the fifo application which behaves as
the Asterisk queue: It rings to the members. I use javascript DB to
access the core database in various scripts, f.in the following script:
//This script is used to disconnect agents being rung from a queue when
abandoned by the customer before answered.
var db = new CoreDB("core");
var sql="select uuid from channels where cid_num='"+argv+"' and
while(db.next()) {
	rec = db.fetch();
	apiExecute("uuid_kill", rec["uuid"]);

My problem is that I get a message from the CLI: mod_spidermonkey.c:3300
js_api_use() Loading CoreDB, [ERR] mod_spidermonkey_core_db.c:250
db_prepare() Error database is locked.
The error does not occur every time.
I have closed the database in every script using it.
Is the anything I should be aware of to prevent this from happening?

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