[Freeswitch-users] Socket inbound or outbound with PHP?

Ivan C Myrvold ivan at myrvold.org
Fri Oct 17 08:41:34 PDT 2008

Den 17. okt.. 2008 kl. 14:45 skrev Dennis:

> One of the problems I have with "outbound" is, that I won't get all
> events. For example I do not get "hangup", because the socket
> connection seems to die, before freeswitch sends the last command when
> hanging up. With "ringing" the problem seems to be the same.

Yes, this is true, I also have the same issue. But I am using the   
time the connection died as the event to set the hangup time in my own  
But you of course do not get the hangup cause here.

I haven't had any problem with "ringing", though.


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