[Freeswitch-users] ODBC through JS

Baskar yudha2008 at gmail.com
Fri Oct 17 01:47:03 PDT 2008


I have read the above mail list but i cant able to clear this ODBC error.

while installing the unixodbc i deed not get any error but when i load the
mod_spidermonkey_obdc  i get these errors

freeswitch at hp30094686650.optimus.co.in> load mod_spidermonkey_odbc
2008-10-17 14:18:00 [CRIT] switch_loadable_module.c:767
switch_loadable_module_load_file() Error Loading module
**Cannot locate symbol 'switch_module_load' please make sure this is a valid
API CALL [¶]ad(mod_spidermonkey_odbc)] output:
-ERR [Ä[]Ã

when i run the jsrun odbc.js i get this errors

freeswitch at hp30094686650.optimus.co.in> jsrun odbc.js
API CALL [jsrun(odbc.js)] output:

freeswitch at hp30094686650.optimus.co.in> 2008-10-17 14:18:03 [ERR]
switch_odbc.c:160 switch_odbc_handle_connect() STATE: IM002 CODE 0 ERROR:
[unixODBC][Driver Manager]Data source name not found, and no default driver

2008-10-17 14:18:03 [ERR] mod_spidermonkey_odbc.c:235 odbc_exec() Database
is not connected!
2008-10-17 14:18:03 [ERR] mod_spidermonkey_odbc.c:314 odbc_next_row()
Database is not connected!

How can i clear this error help me to solve this problem....

Warm Regards,
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