[Freeswitch-users] Couple Quick Questions

Eric Liedtke e at musinghalfwit.org
Thu Oct 16 13:50:22 PDT 2008

First incredibly nice work. I've been beating on a freeswitch box in an
SBC type config with a hardware call generator and it's holding up
extremely well. I just have 2 questions at the moment.

1) Is there any place to get call statitics for reporting/trending
puproses, specifically around complettion rates of gateways/endpoints.
If it already exists is it switch wide or can I collect them per
endpoint? Apart from parsing the cdrs files of course. If not, any
pointers as to where it should live in the code ?  I haven't dug into
the source much yet, which is the only reason I ask.

2) I think this may have already been answered but I couldn't find
the previous email I thought I saw. The calls per second limit that
exists today is only for a switch wide config and is not configurable, at
this point, on a per endpoint basis right ?

Thanks for you time


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