[Freeswitch-users] busy tone detection

Gopal krishnan saigop at gmail.com
Thu Oct 16 01:31:38 PDT 2008

    I am using event socket to originate calls. I need to originate the
calls thru console and need to detect the tone. In Asterisk we used to
detect thru BackgroundDetect and VMDetect. In freeswitch I found that the
tones.conf which will detect the tones that we are dialing. I am not sure
how to integrate with the event socket to detect the tone with console

   Any help will be appreciated.

My tones.conf
generate-dial => v=-7;%(1000,0,375,425)
detect-dial => 375,425
generate-ring => v=-7;%(2000,4000,440,480)
detect-ring => 440,480
generate-busy => v=-7;%(500,500,480,620)
detect-busy => 480,620
generate-attn => v=0;%(100,100,1400,2060,2450,2600)
detect-attn => 1400,2060,2450,2600
generate-callwaiting-sas => v=0;%(300,0,440)
detect-callwaiting-sas => 440
generate-callwaiting-cas => v=0;%(80,0,2750,2130)
detect-callwaiting-cas => 2750,2130
detect-fail1 => 913.8
detect-fail2 => 1370.6
detect-fail3 => 776.7

Thank you  with regards,
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