[Freeswitch-users] Phrases and speech

Michael Collins mcollins at fcnetwork.com
Wed Oct 15 13:10:35 PDT 2008

> I'm far away from the default config, so I just want to add the
> MINIMUM amount necessary to my config to enable speech.
> My goal is to have some basic functions like "You have 3 dollars and
> 27 cents left".

Here's a snippet that I would use to manually create the above phrase,
mixing TTS and pre-recorded prompts:

  <macro name="ivr-speak-balance">
    <input pattern="(.*)">
        <action function="playfile" data="voicemail/you-have.wav"/>
        <action function="execute" data="sleep(50)"/>
        <action function="speak-text" data="${num_dollars}"/>
        <action function="execute" data="sleep(50)"/>
        <action function="playfile" data="currency/dollars.wav"/>
        <action function="execute" data="sleep(50)"/>
        <action function="playfile" data="currency/and.wav"/>
        <action function="execute" data="sleep(50)"/>
        <action function="speak-text" data="${num_cents}"/>
        <action function="execute" data="sleep(50)"/>
        <action function="playfile" data="currency/cents.wav"/>
        <action function="execute" data="sleep(50)"/>
        <!-- you need to supply this next file! -->
        <action function="playfile" data="left.wav"/> 

That demonstrates the way you can build phrases. However I believe that
there are more elegant ways of handling dollar amounts when using the
"say" action. Brian, can you confirm if "say" handles currency and if it
handles dollars/cents with correct plural/singular values?

Note: the above snippet could be in a file but it would need to be
included via conf/lang/en/en.xml or otherwise inserted into your config
inside of the <language></language> tags for whichever language(s) you
are using...

> (Do I need to build the cepstral code and modules?)

If you are doing TTS then yes, you'll need Cepstral -OR- Flite, but not
both. You can build either one but don't enable them simultaneously on
modules.conf.xml or non-fun things will happen.
> Can anyone help me with a simple, clean few lines of XML in the config
> to enable this?

Are you doing an IVR? Just confirming so that I can get a sense of what
you are trying to accomplish.


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