[Freeswitch-users] Originate command

Jon Bruel jbr at consiglia.dk
Tue Oct 14 13:36:59 PDT 2008

Brian, I hope this is what you expect: Testing on CLI, this one works:
Originate sofia/gateway/100004444500/201,sofia/gateway/100004444500/205
206 XML internalpreparation
And this one does not:
Originate user/100008888201 at,user/100008888205 at
100008888206 XML internalpreparation
Or rather, it gives the same result as this:
Originate user/100008888201 at,user/100008888201 at
100008888206 XML internalpreparation
(Last user made identical to first user.) I should remark that the
gateway above loops back to the dialplan with the context
internalpreparation. /Jon

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