[Freeswitch-users] Originate command

Jon Bruel jbr at consiglia.dk
Tue Oct 14 00:18:55 PDT 2008

Brian, I have now pastebinned the SIP trace as taken from a Snom phone as a response to the command:
Originate user/100008888201 at,user/100008888205 at 206 XML internalpreparation
I also checked it from the server, and verified that no INVITEs are sent to the address belonging to 100008888205. Further, from the console the line:
[DEBUG] switch_ivr_originate.c:700 switch_ivr_originate() variable string 0 = [presence_id=100008888201 at],
is repeated twice with some 10-20 debug lines in between. To get some way further, I could try to repeat the tests you have done in your lab showing that there is no problem!? /Jon

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