[Freeswitch-users] Strange sound hear between originate_retries

Adnan Barakat adnan at barakatdesigns.net
Sat Oct 11 11:56:07 PDT 2008

Adnan Barakat wrote:
> Got a strange problem when using originate_retries, if the destination 
> is busy/rejects the call there are 2 low pitched beeps heard, then FS 
> will try dialling again and the normal ring-tone is heard. (these 2 
> beeps are heard between very retry)
> I have removed the sounds folder in case it was something in there, but 
> it wasn't.
> I'm using r9959 - it also used to happen if the destination didn't 
> answer, but since the update it doesn't seem to do it any more.
I've just tried increasing originate_retry_sleep_ms to 15000, and the 2 
beeps is played just before attempting the destination again - if that's 
any help in finding the problem.


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