[Freeswitch-users] seeking a (paid) contractor/firm to develop an application leveraging Freeswitch

Larry Edelstein ribs at acm.org
Fri Oct 10 17:21:45 PDT 2008

Hi Brian -

I'm interested in this work and would like to talk to you more about
it.  I am an experienced engineer with 20 years of professional
software development under my belt, including several years of
contracting.  My resume is attached.

My qualifications should fit your needs pretty well:

- 7 years of Java software development experience, as well as 13+ of
- experienced lead engineer - coding standards, SCM, branching and
merging, deployment, build engineering
- full-stack engineer - administering DNS, webservers, open-source &
proprietary RDBMS, J2EE appservers
- lots of Linux/Unix, of course, as well as FreeBSD, Windows

I have some experience with Freeswitch, on Linux.  I have built it
occasionally since early this year, and have run it on an Amazon EC2
instance from time to time, both from my own build, and from the one
included in the custom AMIs that Brian West has made available .
Although I haven't put it into serious production use, I have
configured it various ways and connected to it; I've used DiDs as well
as SIP phones with it, and scripted it with Java and Javascript.  In
general, I'd really like a chance to work more with it.  If it's any
use, I have some experience with XMPP/Jabber, too.

Please contact me - I'm in San Francisco and would be happy to chat
about the work you're doing.  I'll be going out of town and off the
grid late this evening, but will be available again on Monday evening.


Larry Edelstein

On 10/8/08, Brian B <freeswitch at brian-burt.com> wrote:
> My startup now has budget for a development contract for an application
> heavily leveraging Freeswitch conferencing.
> We'll have a web GUI component, an application logic layer, and a layer
> handling the telephony controls.  We could break this project up so that
> you'd only handle the latter telephony controls (translating some higher
> level commands into FS commands, and passing events back up the chain).  I'm
> presuming that layer will be in Java.
> OR, if you/the developer is comfortable writing an Ajax or Flex/Flash GUI as
> well, one person/firm could handle all of it.
> Please let me know if you have availability, and send along information
> about you (or your firm).  A portfolio and/or resume is ideal.
> We're in San Francisco, California, but you could be anywhere.
> I'm the hiring manager and you can email me directly.
> Thanks,
> -Brian
> freeswitch at brian-burt.com
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