[Freeswitch-users] SIP documentation, interop, etc

Kristian Kielhofner kkielhofner at star2star.com
Fri Oct 10 09:19:28 PDT 2008

Hello Freeswitch users,

  I've started working on a wiki for SIP documentation for interop and
other features.  I've created a basic page for Freeswitch:


  Would someone with more Freeswitch SIP experience help me fill in
some more details?  Things like support for various specs, issues when
working with other devices, etc.

  I'm still trying to work on a template for implementations and some
sort of format but I figured I'd get some information up and see where
it goes.

  Thanks, and let me know if you have any suggestions!

P.S. - Obviously it's not just limited to Freeswitch...  If you have
experience with other SIP implementations, service providers, etc I'd
love to read about it! ;)

Kristian Kielhofner

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