[Freeswitch-users] Newbie: Avaya SES <>Freeswitch 407 Proxy Authentication error

Gerry Hull gerry at pstn2.net
Thu Oct 9 13:05:52 PDT 2008

Here's my configuration:

  <gateway name="avaya">
  <param name="username" value="3824"/>
  <param name="password" value="password"/>
  <param name="proxy" value=""/>
  <param name="expire-seconds" value="60"/>
  <param name="register" value="true"/>
  <param name="register-transport" value="udp"/>
  <param name="retry_seconds" value="30"/>

- sofia shows successfully registered with SES (SIP Enablement Services)

When I call 3824 from another softphone registered with SES, sofia issues a
407 Proxy Authentication error and the call does not go through.

I presume their is something wrong in my configuration, but I cannot figure
it out.

Any ideas?

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