[Freeswitch-users] General voice mail boxes and other questions

Damon Brown damon at technicate.com
Thu Oct 9 08:11:21 PDT 2008

Hello all,
As a newbee but expert in other nameless PBX's, I was wondering the 

1.  What approach in the xml config files you would use to create 
general mailboxes that multiple extensions have access too and need 
indicators for?

2.  I was using the directory.lua example located in the wiki to create 
a directory and it works up to the pount of matching the extension.  
Once the caller presses confirm for the name and it returns to "no 
directories match your search".  I know this should be to the author of 
that example, but I was hoping someone may have experience with it.  I 
do have mod_lua it runs through most of the logic, the example I used 
was: http://wiki.freeswitch.org/wiki/Examples_directory_lua

3.  I would like to write a daemon that interfaces with freeswitch 
outside of the XML matching.   For example, one that will connect to a 
DB, pick up a caller and send conference participants in based on their 
status.  Is this possible or are do all scripts only run within the 

Thanks for your time in answering these in advance. 

Best regards,
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