[Freeswitch-users] VoipTalk NAT

James Green james.green at stealthnet.net
Wed Oct 8 01:37:19 PDT 2008

Andy Ayers wrote:
> Hi,
> This is my first post so my apologies if I get the protocol wrong or if
> I'm posting to the wrong place.
> Has anyone any experience of setting up Freeswitch to accept incoming
> calls via VoipTalk (http://www.voiptalk.org) through a firewall/router.
> I have tried every possible combination of domain/realm and proxy
> settings but can't get it working.
> Everything works fine when the freeswitch machine is connected directly
> to the modem and a software voip-phone runs ok on the same machine
> through the router so the firewall is letting the traffic through.


I don't know about your specific problem but we had trouble initiating
an outbound call (no NAT) through them. It appeared from the SIP logs
that the responses came in on the wrong port. That said, I wasn't
particularly up to speed with configuring FS nor SIP and was reliant on
the assistance of Brian+others in IRC so there may well have been
something further amiss our side which didn't get detected.

I can say we switched to Gradwell and things worked fine.

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