[Freeswitch-users] freeswitch 1.0.1 /mod_radius_cdr generates wrong framed-IP-address radius attribut

Tchavdar Paskov chavpaskov at shaw.ca
Tue Oct 7 03:34:08 PDT 2008

Hello everyone,
i have  a very interesting/stubborn issue to deal with.
Recently i installed  freeswitch  and compiled the radius module with it. The idea was to collect all CDRs in POstgres Database. Everything  looked ok 
untill i decided to examine the generated records:

        Acct-Status-Type = Stop
        Acct-Session-Id = "74826237-32e6-4076-b63d-c328f4c22213"
        Freeswitch-Hangupcause = Originator-Cancel
        User-Name = "cc150"
        Freeswitch-Src = "cc150"
        Freeswitch-CLID = "cc150"
        Freeswitch-Dst = "00312132268081"
        Freeswitch-Dialplan = "XML"
        Framed-IP-Address =
        Freeswitch-Context = "default"
        Freeswitch-Source = "mod_sofia"
        Freeswitch-Lastapp = "bridge"
        Freeswitch-Billusec = 0
        Freeswitch-Callstartdate = "2008-10-06T23:58:03.830770-0400"
        Freeswitch-Callenddate = "2008-10-06T23:58:11.763842-0400"
        Acct-Session-Time = 0
        NAS-Port = 0
        Acct-Delay-Time = 0
        NAS-IP-Address =

nothing interesting here you'll probably say./ i thought the same /.
Framed-IP-Address =  is the record that drives me mad and here is the reason.
My understanding is that Framed-IP-Address should represent the orriginating/peering  IP address.
my lab is running entirely  on private network . i'm not connecting to the freeswitch  from  public ip  and the worse of all  i have no idea where comes from. To make the confision complete  this record is present  in all radius generated records  no matter  what  equipment/network 
settings i'm using to generate the calls. 
If somebody  can  tell me what is wrong  i'll highly apreciate it.
BTW i already sent  message to freeradius mail list  and from there  they advised me that this is a NAS related issue / ergo freeswitch generates it/.
Best Regards

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