[Freeswitch-users] garbled audio playing shout streams

Michael Jerris mike at jerris.com
Sun Oct 5 11:41:34 PDT 2008

We just swapped out the mp3 decoder library with a new one in order to  
fix these problems last week.  You might want to give trunk a try, I  
think it should be much better.


On Oct 5, 2008, at 2:29 PM, Mark D. Anderson wrote:

> I apologize in advance that I can't characterize this better than
> with some symptoms, praying that someone has some suggestions.
> I'm running a fs-based system where people can call-in, type a digit
> in a simple IVR prompt, and then hear a chosen mp3 stream.
> This is implemented entirely in javascript.
> When the stream is chosen i call
>  play_file("shout://domain.com/mount.mp3")
> or whatever.
> It works most of the time. However, now with increasing users, it  
> eventually
> starts producing garbled/slow audio. Once this starts, all users  
> experience it,
> and the entire FS process has to be restarted to fix it.
> It is not starved for cpu or memory.
> There is no problem with the original streams; internet listeners  
> don't
> have any problems.
> So, it "feels" like a thread-safety/memory-corruption issue, but I'm
> not clear how much sharing is really going on -- presumably libshout
> is thread-safe, and little sharing actually goes on among sessions?
> It is quite possible that there are different mp3 encoding parameters
> (channels, bitrate, etc.) among the different streams being used,  
> but again,
> presumably that context is not shared among sessions?
> I've been getting desperate enough that I've been toying with the idea
> of decoding the mp3 streams myself out of process, and piping RAW bits
> directly into a unix domain socket, and playing that instead,  
> bypassing
> libshout and lame entirely. (Would that work?)
> I'm running svn rvn 9361, 2008-08-23.
> I'm building with --enable-core-odbc-support and have these languages
> and formats enabled:
> formats/mod_native_file
> formats/mod_sndfile
> formats/mod_shout
> formats/mod_local_stream
> formats/mod_tone_stream
> languages/mod_spidermonkey
> languages/mod_spidermonkey_teletone
> languages/mod_spidermonkey_core_db
> languages/mod_spidermonkey_socket
> languages/mod_spidermonkey_odbc
> languages/mod_lua

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