[Freeswitch-users] Building a web config/billing gui

Darren Wiebe darren at aleph-com.net
Mon Dec 15 21:33:24 PST 2008

Are you interested in joining an existing project?  We've been working 
on the ASTPP freeswitch port for a number of months.   The billing is 
all in place but  help with the same stuff you're looking for would help 
to get things fleshed out a little more. 

Darren Wiebe
darren at aleph-com.net

ccav wrote:
> For anyone interested, I'm in the process of building a web based
> config/billing gui.  I could use some help though.  Anyone who has php
> experience and knows the xml_curl interface pretty well and some spare time
> to do some development would be a useful partner.
> Also, if there's a resource online that defines all the params/variables and
> subobjects for each of the fs object types, like directories, dialplans etc,
> it would help me fill my parm database a lot faster.
> For anyone interested in monitoring the development, it's at
> www.sparkz.tv/smfs  login is demo:demo.  Feedback on features and
> development direction is invited.  I want to get this done quickly.  I think
> FS is awesome but no config/billing interface is going to stand in the way
> of it's adoption so I'm burning the midnight oil to get this done.

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