[Freeswitch-users] How to specify Path for sound files

Faisal Maqsoodi faisalmaqsoodi at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 1 22:44:21 PST 2008

Actually i copied the following text in a new text file and saved it as test1.xml file in /conf/dialplan/extensions, where 99999_enum.xml and 00_pizza_demo.xml exist, but it didnt worked.
<extension name="wavs">
    <condition field="destination_number" expression="^2009$">
      <action application="playback" data="/usr/local/freeswitch/sounds/en/us/callie/misc/8000/call_secured.wav"/>
Then i copied the same text and pasted in conf/dialplan/default.xml file below the line
<context name="default"> and above the line
<extension name="unloop">
and it worked successfully. Hope i ve explained what i wanted to.

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On Tuesday 02 December 2008 18:30:53 Faisal Maqsoodi wrote:
> Yes its not working on my system. When i copy this in default.xml
> it works but as a seperate extension in dialplan/extensions it
> Faisal

It's a little hard to understand what you're saying but I'd hazard
a guess 
that your extension is below the transfer to enum.

Are you creating a separate file in conf/dialplan/default/ ? What are you 
naming the file? Does it show up below the enum file in a directory listing?

As Anthony said if you set debug logging then you will see what is going on.

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