[Freeswitch-users] Build system/RPM's

Tamas Cseke cstomi.levlist at gmail.com
Tue Mar 20 08:45:13 PDT 2007


I am unable to build fs.
I have autoconf, automake, libtool installed.
Is there anything what i need to install.
It seems make can't find rpath..
I don't know what is it. I need install something else?


Michael Jerris wrote:

>Some updates on the build system below.  Please read on!
>The bulk of the invasive changes to the FreeSWITCH(tm) autotools build
>system are now in tree.  We will be continuing to refine the system over
>time, but the bulk of the changes are now in tree.  The important
>changes are as follows:
>The build targets are now more in line with typical packages.
>make: will build all the sourcecode and libraries
>make install: will install.
>make uninstall: will uninstall.
>make clean: will clean the build files
>The old targets (installall, modules, sure, modclean, modwipe,
>megaclean, ect) still all generally behave as they did before.
>For the libraries we have in tree, we, for the most part, now statically
>link to them and do not install them.  This should resolve much of the
>issues reported in regards to the need for LD_LIBRARY_PATH and system
>library conflicts.
>The FreeSWITCH(tm) build will now use a system version of the curl
>library if it detects a usable version at configure time.  We will
>probably add some more libraries to this list over time, as we review
>any patches that we have in the libs that we have in tree, and get those
>patches back to the library maintainers.  This will be a long process
>due to the amount of libraries and the amount of changes in many of
>We will likely be doing some changes to the url's you checkout from svn
>to give you options on what libs you download.  We will continue to use
>statically linked libraries in certain cases where we see performance or
>other benefits to doing so.  These will most likely be configure
>We have started the process of building binary packages for
>FreeSWITCH(tm) svn snapshots.  The first of these are at:
>We are looking for people who are willing to write the appropriate files
>for operating systems and distros that are not covered by that list.  In
>particular, for BSD ports, gentoo, and debian.  If you are willing to
>lend a hand, please drop me a line.
>All of the auto-tools generated files have now been removed from the svn
>tree.  If you are building from svn, you will need to have autoconf,
>automake and libtool installed, and run ./bootstrap.sh and configure.  I
>highly suggest using -C on your configure line, it speeds up the
>configure quite a bit.  We will have a location for pre-bootstrapped
>source tarballs soon.  In the mean time, if anyone could give me
>feedback on any boostrap/configure/make failures on different platforms.
>Known issues currently are as follows:
>OsX builds are currently broken unless you manually change apr to build
>shared libraries, and install them.  This I plan on fixing today.
>Bsd users can now use the standard bsd make for everything except the
>sofia-sip library.  I am also working on addressing this issue.
>Any other issues please let me know (best to track bugs on
>jira.freeswitch.org), and I will follow up with another update to the
>list soon.
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